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Cows on a Field

In this video you meet 6 cows ruminating, walking, resting, herding, pairing. These animals have the bodies of a man and a woman. Within seconds of the video starting, the audience recognises the typical bovine behaviour, set in the typical background for farming cows.
This video is a part of a project called Farming , a project based on the co-dependency that society and individual share. The fabric of society is questioned through bizarre and poetic images of people acting as farm animals, creating a recognizable yet impossible universe.
Video installation. 12:00 min.

Projection on a wall.
Exhibited at Galleri Snerk , in Tromsø, february 2016
Exhibited at Kunstnernes Sommer Udstilling 2017

Artist talk about the work at KS 2017

Exhibited in the solo exhibition FARMING at Frontloberne in 2018

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