Kunsthallen Seinajöki, FInland

In june 29th will my solo exhibition  FARMING open at Kunsthallen Seinajöki. I am very very exhited to be working putting up an exhibition in such an amazing place. And thanks to Statens Kunstfond for supporting this exhibition as well. 


Tåning Kirke

The 14th of August I will show a video Tryptich in the beautiful chapel at Tåning Kirke, as a part of the day long event KoncertogKunst, and iniciative by the local musitians and artist together with the church of Tåning, Ovsted og Hylke. This years event is based on the question "what am I doing here?", and I will be creating a video tryptich were I am walking to and from the 3 churches, meditating and talking with the other artists about this same questions. 

Vestjyllandsudstilling, Janus bygning.

I am very happy to have become a member og Vestjyllandsudstilling. I am very excited to be able to collaborate with this group of artists in the future years,

Amazing Nature at Silkeborg Bad

I have been invited, together with my wonderful collaborators Christoffer Brekne and Jeppe Worning to create an installation in the upcoming exhibition Amazing Nature. Opening in March 2023

Kunstpakhuset Ikast.

I already have started work on my upcoming solo exhibition at Kunstpakhuset Ikast, opening november 23.
The exhibitions title is Perspektiv, perspective.