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Farming is a colorful, bizarre and energetic exhibition  presenting video installation, sound and performance.

The audience walks through the installation, and is met by powerful images full of philosophical content.

Several questions are put forth: What is a good life? Why do we reproduce ourselves? Are traditional gender roles a social construction? Should queer be the norm?  Do contemporary family structures challenge individualism? What does social pressure do to our identity?

Slowly moving cow-people, dynamic man- and woman birds and poetic swimming fish-people are the visuals that the  audience encounter when entering this exhibit that unfolds another world.

This show creates a humoristic  zoomorphic world in its quest to define the human animal. Each work is based on animals that one sees in farms, and has a point of inspiration: The human as a social animal, social constrictions and limitations, queerness as the natural state of being, the unsatisfied individual, the social discourse, etc.

The work as a whole, it's a reflection on the social roles we all adopt, in relation to society.

Farming has been exhibited as solo shows at:
Gallery Snerk, Tromsø in February 2016 - with support of Kunstrådet.

Kunsthal Ulys, Odense in September 2018 - with support of Odense´s Kulturforvaltning.

Frontløbernes Black Box, and as a part of the GENDERhouse festival.

Film photography in FISH and BIRDS: Christoffer Brekne

Performance: Andreas Constantinou and Noelia Mora Solvez

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