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Natura Viva_003.jpg

Left: Installation detail. Right: Installation view

Natura Viva


The human body is not just one thing, but our indispensable starting point for understanding and experiencing the world at all.

It is the contemporary experience of the outside and the inside. The place from which we must experience our lives, ourselves and our surroundings, and the place from which we can ask the world questions and wonder about it. Does this mean that another body would give a different understanding of the world? Would it open to another world at all?
These are some of the issues that Natura Viva explores with its playful and engaging aesthetics of shared, divided and re-composed bodies. The work is full of bodies, but new bodies, bodies we do not know, body parts without body and bodies with too much body. In the midst of all these new body synths, it also turns out that another look at the world has opened up.
The work asks about the relationship between the body and the landscape. The relationship between the gaze and the thing,

the organic and the inorganic, and not least the relationship between the subject and the object. At all of these impossible thresholds, a simple yet poetic installation balances the audience through a corridor of two enormous drawings and video projections. Together, does it constitute a work that is at once distant and sensual, intimate and alien, abhorrent and attractive.
Christoffer Brekne, Jeppe Worning and Noelia Mora Solvez have created a multifaceted installation of ink on paper combined with video projection and sound installation, drawing on their diverse backgrounds in film, visual arts and performance. Brekne works visually with performing arts, films and multimedia installations. Worning works with hand-drawn works on paper, and Solvez is a video and performance artist. It is with these diverse approaches and crafts that the artists have created an installation that can be experienced on different levels and in many layers.


Text by Anders Ruby

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